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Mantis Ant

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Final Fantasy Adventure artwork

Mantis Ant is a giant praying mantis boss who appears in a few Mana games, and it first appears in Final Fantasy Adventure.

In Final Fantasy Adventure, Mantis Ant is one of the later bosses, and it is fought at the end of the Cave of Ruins. In the mobile remake and Adventures of Mana, when Sumo defeats the Mantis Ant, he is rewarded a Mantis Sickle. Furthermore, in the mobile and PlayStation Vita versions of Adventures of Mana, the "Mantis Mangler" achievement is unlocked for defeating the Mantis Ant.

In Secret of Mana, Mantis Ant is instead fought as the first boss. Randi has to fight it in an underground area underneath Potos Village. The boss fight, let alone the area, becomes accessible as a result of a brief earthquake that occurs when Randi talks to the Elder of Potos Village some time after obtaining the Rusty Sword.

In its earlier appearances, Mantis Ant has a light green body and yellow scythes and feet. In Adventures of Mana, both its scythes and feet were changed to orange, and its body was made a darker green color. In the Secret of Mana remake, the Mantis Ant retains its design from Adventures of Mana.

Mantis Ant has two counterparts, Metal Mantis and Hegs Ant.


  • HP: 2800
  • EXP: 199
  • GP: 220




Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マンティスアント
Mantis Ant
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