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Item infobox
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General information
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Effect {{{effect}}}
Franchise {{{franchise}}}
Series {{{series}}}
First appearance {{{first_appearance}}}
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  • name; The name of the item - only use this in special cases where the name is different from the article title.
  • image; An image of the item
  • franchise; The franchise(s) that the item is featured in
  • series; The specific series of a franchise in which the item appears
  • first_appearance; The first time this item appeared
  • latest_appearance; The most recent time this item appeared
  • location; Where the item can be found
  • cost; The cost of the item, if it is sold at a store
  • effect; What the item does to its user
  • related; Items that are similar or directly related to the item
{{item infobox
|name=Item name
|image=[[File:No image.png|125px]]
|franchise=''[[Final Fantasy]]''
|series=''[[Final Fantasy Tactics]]''
|first_appearance=''[[Final Fantasy Tactics (game)|Final Fantasy Tactics]]'' (1997)
|latest_appearance=''[[Final Fantasy Tactics Advance]]'' (2003)
|location=Somewhere in space
|cost=100 gil
|effect=User gains knowledge.